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Subject: DHSC Updates From the TC Meeting Today

Hi all --

A couple of quick updates from the TC meeting today.

1. Proposal 13061 (windows placement) - unanimously 
   approved for moving ahead into Stage-3. Congrats!!!

2. Proposal 13060 (context ids) - the TC recognized
   that we are right on (or over) the edge on this
   one. Kris granted a one-week extension to the Help
   SC on 13060 and the TechComm SC on 13097. 
   - We need to get a complete Phase 2 proposal to 
     the TC in time for it to review and discuss it. 
     FWIW -- meeting next Monday and resubmitting the
     proposal the evening before the TC discussion 
     is very risky. I recommend getting the revision
     to the TC Monday AM (EST) at the latest.
   - If the discussion goes well at the TC meeting
     next Tuesday, 13060 would be up for a vote the 
     following Tuesday (09-03). 
   - If reviewers are confused or not in agreement
     next week, we'd have run out of time. Toast.


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