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dita-lightweight-dita message

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Subject: Minutes from Sept 7th 2015

- Aaron Rothschild (for kickoff)
- Tim Grantham
- Mark Giffin
- Don Day
- Kris Eberlein
- Noz Urbina

Discussed marketing, table markup, lightweight DITA maps, lightweight DITA DTDs/examples

- Noz meeting with Robert Rose later today
- may be easier to get someone else to run/schedule meetings for progress through the remainder of the year
- Michael P will see if someone from IBM could help out, with a focus on replicating and validating their case study proof of concept with DITA in lightweight form
- Various folks might be interested in being involved if the work goes forward
- a major use case for marketing in existing usage is data sheets/tables, which are shared between marketing/tech comm (presales/post-sales)
- ideally we need a group with open access to get marketing adopters/interested parties to share perspectives and experiences without having to commit to a design exercise (as in the lightweight DITA work)
- beyond marketing, Jeff Eaton might be interested in participating or at least reviewing our progress, with an eye to applying to media companies

Table markup:
- Noz confirmed that there aren't any marketing-specific examples where simpletable in fig would cause trouble - his concern was more broadly based, and he was ok to go along with the consensus that simpletable would be a better starting point for now, simply to enable more reuse opportunities initially (eg with markdown) - with the option for people to add their own extensions to the lightweight model, at the cost of those same reuse opportunities

Lightweight DITA maps:
- we discussed other options, including use of the related-links model or specialized topics with lists/xrefs - but any alternative to the current model adds complexity in other places that balance out the places it simplifies
- the most important fix is to make topicmeta optional in topicref, which we all agree on

Lightweight DITA DTDs/examples:
- Mark will add fig, and also add audio/video replacing object
- once done, Kris will see if she can get the TC note on the three spec versions to try out the lightweight model, to see if there are any problems with authoring/publishing in the constrained model

That's it - hoping to take up discussion of Stan's use cases for software development next time, and keep discussion going in the list.

Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Enterprise Content Technology Strategist

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