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Subject: Re: [dita-lightweight-dita] <fig> added to LW DITA DTDs

Hi Mark,

<navtitle> optional inside <topicmeta> is probably good, but also need <topicmeta> optional inside <topicref>.

We had a discussion a while back about the content model for <fig> (and where to add it to other content models) - summarized here:


Michael Priestley, Senior Technical Staff Member (STSM)
Enterprise Content Technology Strategist

From:        Mark Giffin <mark@markgiffin.com>
To:        dita-lightweight-dita@lists.oasis-open.org
Date:        09/08/2015 01:53 AM
Subject:        [dita-lightweight-dita] <fig> added to LW DITA DTDs
Sent by:        <dita-lightweight-dita@lists.oasis-open.org>

I added <fig> to the Lightweight DITA DTDs here (the files are set up as
a DITA OT plugin):


I also made <navtitle> optional inside <topicmeta> on <topicref>, I hope
that's what was needed.

Please try it out if you can, I need some eyeballs on my work.

<fig> has a lot of parts. Based on my own judgement only, I removed a
few things. Among a few other things, I left out these elements from the
fig content model: figgroup, imagemap, spectitle.

Mark Giffin
Mark Giffin Consulting, Inc.

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