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Subject: Format descriptor for LwDITA maps

Dear LwDITA SC members,

Robert ("don't call me Bobby") Anderson contacted me with the following issue posted by Radu ("don't call me George") Coravu to the GH repo with the LwDITA plugin for the OT: https://github.com/jelovirt/org.lwdita/issues/45
In essence, Radu is asking about a format descriptor to reference a LwDITA map (MDITA in this case) from a DITA map.
I think "hditamap" and "mditamap" seem pretty harmless as descriptors. We already have "mdita" and "hdita" as format values for topics (see section 5.4.1, Cross-format example: XDITA map, in our committee note).
Thoughts? Objections to Jarno proceeding with those descriptors for LwDITA maps when needed?


Carlos Evia, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication
Chair, Hispanic/Latino Faculty & Staff Caucus
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0112

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