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Subject: DITA Machine Industry SC: Meeting Minutes 2007/07/24

1) Roll call 
We do not have quorum.

2) Business: 

- MI 03 MItask,
Evaluate S1000D element list

Element List Evaluation:

General Design Decision:

 - A general design decision regarding how to handle
   S1000D content models in DITA has to be made. 
   S1000D has several mandatory elements containing a
   "no-element" in an "or"-model inside.
   Example: ELEMENT safety ( nosafety| safecond) 
   The general question is wether to

   - fully adopt the S1000D content model which forces authors
     to insert more elements - and explicitly requires the
   - make the whole element optional and skip the "no-element"
     and even the other container element (safecond)
   - adopt the S1000D content model but make the element optional
     in it's container element. It then could be made mandatory in
Element "closereqs" (Close up requirements):
  - Occurence in DITA: Optional
  - S1000D content model: (reqconds)
  - Content of reqconds has already been discussed with
    "prelreqs" (Preliminary Requirements)

Element "mainfunc" (Maintenance Function):
  - S1000D content model: ( step1|( figure| foldout| table))+
  - There is a relation to the "steps" element in DITA
  - The group is in favor to keep the DITA "steps" (and
    model because it is more intuitive and the name is not bound
    to maintenance
  - Note: A maintenance funtion in S1000D can even skip the "step1"
    and can only contain a figure or table or foldout.

Element "step1" (Procedural Step Level 1):
  - S1000D content model:
    ( applic?, title?, warning*, caution*,( note| para|( figure|
foldout| table))*, step2*)
  - S1000D has 5 Level of steps with similar content
  - The design criteria need to be discussed. The DITA approach has only
    levels (step / substep). The DITA writing paradigm would favour
using several tasks
  - There is a skill attribute on every step which the group sees on a
    level in DITA (task)
  - The group favors the DITA approach and the already existing DITA
content model
Element title (Title):
  - Corresponding elemement in DITA: "cmd" (command)

Element "foldout" (A3 Foldout):
  - Occurence in DITA: Optional
  - S1000D content model: ( figure| table)
  - Foldout should be a more generalized element
    - it could even be used in a concept
  - Robin Sloan will provide examples for foldouts

3) Announcements/Opens 

  - Upcomming DITA-related events in europe this fall:
    - tekom Annual Conference, November 2007, Wiesbaden, Germany
    - DITA Europe, November 2007, Brussels, Belgium

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