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Subject: Re: [dita-techcomm] SC proposals for DITA 1.3

Our Sta
GE 3 proposals of 13086 13096 13098 are ready except for the new topic for the arch spec explaining the relationships among the three options for troubleshooting. Our proposal for troubleshooting topic has been waiting for Michael Priestly's proposal for the steps domain. He has made no progress on that as far as I know. Seth Park has made to progress that I know of on release management. I haven't checked on 13121 at this time to see what it is but just creating a steps domain will not complete the troubleshooting topic proposal.

I hope to write the new topic the troubleshooting sometime in the next week. I just reviewed Bob's stage 3 proposals and feel they are complete.


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On Feb 18, 2013, at 5:59 AM, "Kristen James Eberlein" <kris@eberleinconsulting.com> wrote:

Dear members of the TechComm subcommittee:

I am contacting all individuals and subcommittees that have more than two proposals in the process for DITA 1.3. Below  is a list of the proposals advanced by the subcommittee:

Proposal # Owner Description Stage Comments

13086 TechComm SC Add troubleshooting element to <step> 3

13096 TechComm SC Add troubleshooting section to <task> 3

13097 TechComm SC Troubleshooting topic 2

13098 TechComm SC New troubleshooting <note> type 3

13102 TechComm SC Revision history/release management markup 2

13113 TechComm SC Make <steps> available in troubleshooting topic 2 Hopefully handled by #13121 

I'd like the SC to provide the following information:
  • Tentative date for when you think you will have the stage-3 proposals for proposals #13086, 13096, and 13098 ready.
  • Whether you plan to have the stage-3 proposals for #13086, 13096, and 13098 ready at the same time. Because of the questions previously posed by the TC and the content overlap, this might be a sensible approach.
  • An assessment of whether you think you will be advancing a stage-2 proposal for #13102.

I'm leaving #13097 out of this discussion, since it has a current dependency on proposal #13121. Ditto for #13113, which is really a placeholder for a less-favored implementation approach if #13121 does not materialize.


Kristen James Eberlein
Principal consultant, Eberlein Consulting
Co-chair, OASIS DITA Technical Committee
Charter member, OASIS DITA Adoption Committee
+1 919 682-2290; kriseberlein (skype)

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