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Subject: Groups - Stage 2 release management proposal files uploaded

Submitter's message
I have updated the stage 2 release management proposal (13102)

The upload is a zip file containing
the DITA proposal
the .png file showing the content model
a PDF of the document

I added these items from Seth's review:
- a brief description of the release management roll-up process
- elements change-request-reference and machinetime (and updated figure)
- proposed changeID attribute

However, I didn't add items that were indicated as needing review:
- the map elements (revhistory and its children) and the copy-to attribute (also in map)
- option for choosing between cumulative and rev-to-rev release notes

When we have reviewed the proprosal, I will take the material in the Technical requirements and Costs sections out of the tables and put it back the way it was in the template. I will also find a way to replace the figure in the proposal.

-- Tom Cihak
Document Name: Stage 2 release management proposal files

Zip file containing the DITA proposal, the .png image showing the content
model, and a PDF of the proposal
Download Latest Revision
Public Download Link

Submitter: Tom Cihak
Group: DITA Technical Communication SC
Folder: Standards
Date submitted: 2013-06-23 18:47:16

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