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Subject: Action Items: 12-07-2015 DITA Adoption/TechComm Meeting

        DITA Adoption/TechComm SC Action Items

             !!!WELCOME BRIANNA STEVENS!!!

Attendees: Joann, Bob, Stan, Jenn, Brianna, Don, Kathy, Chris
           Dave, Joe
Regrets: Ian, Scott

Stan - Integrate Don's paragraph about "Strengths" with the
       latest Kavi document (since updated by Bob).

Stan - Integrate Don's feedback on the paper about audience
       categories, assumptions about DITA, and perceptions of
       strengths/weaknesses. Update Kavi and email the 
       ATC/TechComm lists about reviewing the paper.

Chris - Complete the first draft of the CSH whitepaper. 

Bob and Stan - Touch base with Chris Goolsby when his CSH
       whitepaper is ready for review. Bring him up to 
       speed on the new review process. 

All - Review Stan's proposal for regional "listening sessions"
       with DITA practitioners.

Stan - Update the "Listening Sessions" proposal with more specifics
       about meeting format, agenda, etc.. Repost to Kavi and
       queue up for a "what's next" discussion at the next ATC

Stan - Integrate contact information for regional DITA user 

Joann/Don - Discuss with TC members getting additional support
            for whitepapers, dita.xml.org articles, and ATC
            activities while DITA 2.0 is just ramping up.

Stan - Contact Amanda Galtman (MathWorks) to determine whether she
       would be willing to get involved with the Release Management
       XQuery DITA-OT plug-in. CC: Joann.

Stan - Add a row to our wiki whitepaper planning table for
       tools or methodologies for converting spaghetti 
       conref into keys. Joe Gelb is engaged in this area.

Jenn -- Touch base with Joe Gelb and check out his existing tooling 
        for identifying conditionalized elements. 

Keith - Draft an updated charter for the ATC Focus Area SC
        and distribute to ATC list.

Joann - Contact Magda Caolin (sp?) about her work with a topic/map
        generation program. 
Stan - Set up a WebEx with Kathy and Brianna to give them a tour
       of the ATC/TechComm sites, working documents, and wikis.

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