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Subject: Regrets, DocBook RELAX NG

I have to send my regrets for today's TC meeting.

But regarding item 7 (Assignment of responsibilities) from last week's
meeting minutes: I'd like to volunteer to serve as the liason with the
DocBook TC. [I meant to do that during last week's call, but, um, fell
asleep about halfway through the call, which was somewhere around 1 AM
my time (Tokyo)].

Also, I wanted to suggest that the TC consider the possibility of
creating a RELAX NG version of DITA and eventually making the RELAX NG
version the normative schema. The DocBook TC is (unofficially) planning
on doing that for the next major version of DocBook, and I believe that
the people guiding TEI are planning on the same thing for TEI.

Along with a lot of other benefits (elegance of the language and ease of
use/maintenance, ability to autogenerate W3C XML Schema and DTD from the
RELAX NG source), having a RELAX NG schema could facilitate
"interleaving" of DITA with DocBook and TEI (that is, allow intermingling
of elements from DITA/DocBook/TEI within the same document instance).

  A unified model for text markup: TEI, Docbook, and beyond

  The DocBook Encoding Initiative or "TextBook"

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