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Subject: Re: [dita] Which CALS Table model should we specify?

At 13:20 2004-06-29 -0400, Patricia Gee Best wrote:
>>Does Sun also use the Exchange table model, or does it instead
>>use the full CALS table model (e.g., do you use tfoot and spanspec
>>and entrytbl tags)?
>We use the full CALS table model, although we don't normally use
>tfoot and entrytbl tags.  We do use spanspec.

Thanks, Pat, that's good info.

Interestingly, spanspec uses can be converted into uses of namest and 
nameend--that's why we omitted spanspec from the Exchange model--so
if you don't use tfoot or entrytbl, you could probably be using the
Exchange table markup (and your existing tables could probably be
converted into Exchange tables, fwiw).


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