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Subject: Re: [dita] Re: xpointer

Hi Paul,

>Since I don't see that
> this works well for accessing elements via DITA's pseudo-IDs [Am I
> that the DITA "id" attributes aren't ID attributes?], I'm not sure
> I'd suggest trying to use XPointer for DITA.

That's correct most of the 'id' attributes in DITA are not of type ID
(NMTOKEN in fact), except for <topic> and <param> elements.
I believe this was a design decision for conditional processing using the
conref attribute.

Kind regards,

Eric A. Sirois
Staff Software Developer
DB2 Universal Database - DBA XML Tools Development
IBM Canada Ltd. - Toronto Software Lab
Email: esirois@ca.ibm.com
Phone:(905) 413-2841
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