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Subject: Post 1.0 issues


These are the main issues from our perspective:

- Review of recursiveness in DITA DTDs in specific cases

- Domain specialisation:
Currently, the logic of domain specialization means that an element specialized in a domain cannot be prevented from appearing in a DTD everywhere where the ancestor/inherited element can occur. Domain specialisation is powerful, but it would be more useful in practice with an exclusion capability, so that not all the elements would automatically be inherited in all valid locations.
- Metadata attribute extension:
Same issue as that raised by others relating to how to extend DITA attribute set

- Change history and annotations support in DITA

- Extension of specific content models, for example, <shortdesc>.


Indi Liepa

Indi Liepa
Senior Information Architect
Content Solutions
Southwood UK
Tel mobile: +447795114893
Tel office: +441252866256

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