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Subject: post 1.0 issues

specializer's guide, especially:
 - abstraction techniques used in the dtds/schemas
 - the mechanics of creating a module or extending an existing module
 - how to maintain dtds/schemas locally (creation, extension, modification)
 - how to balance local and standards-wide innovation (creation, extension, modification)

module registry and module standardization process
 - a place to publicize modules and to add their contents to a global map of the DITA universe
 - definitions of possible status of a module with regard to standardization
 - criteria and/or process flow for achieving each status

language review of existing constructs for well-definition and formal completeness

choice of optional/required for existing domain specialization modules and policy for new modules
 - see new IPR policy (not yet in effect for DITA TC) for notion of optional components of a spec

definition of context and supporting constructs and mechanisms (related to Eliot's issue of links in topics and filtering capability for maps to achieve reusability)

reference implementation of processing to PDF

administrative: choice of IPR mode

Bruce Esrig

Information Developer / Information Architect, Information Products and Training (IP&T)
Lucent Technologies, 67 Whippany Road Room 14C-348, Whippany, NJ, 07981
+1 973 739 1235, esrig@lucent.com

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