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Subject: RE: [dita] Mixed content in DITA

The <task> topic type provides good examples here - for example, <context> is a specialization of section that has no title, and often contains no more than a single sentence, although it can contain more, for example a couple of paragraphs.

Michael Priestley

"Paul Prescod" <paul.prescod@blastradius.com>

04/09/2005 09:00 AM

"Don Day" <dond@us.ibm.com>
RE: [dita] Mixed content in DITA

I can understand why you want generic elements to be quite loose so as to allow tightening up in specialization. But obviously there are limits otherwise the content model for everything in DITA would be ANY. I'm not clear either why it is valuable to

a) have sections (or specializations of sections) without titles
b) have sections (or specilizations) with text content that is NOT contained by paragraphs

Perhaps the goal is to emulate HTML's very generic "DIV" element which has almost no semantics. If so, I would propose that what we now call section should be a sort of abstract base element (similar to what was described for keyword) and that another element should be provided for the kind of sections that authors typically use. Yes, each particular customer can do this themselves in specialization but we are finding that some smaller customers prefer to use DITA out of the box as they do Docbook.

Paul Prescod

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