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Subject: Article on DITA and learning content

Bibliographic reference, FYI:

"An XML-based information architecture for learning content,
Part 1: A DITA specialization design. Use DITA XML to
develop reusable learning content."


IBM developerWorks

John P. Hunt (john_hunt@us.ibm.com), DITA Learning Architect, IBM
Robert Bernard (bbernard@us.ibm.com), DB2 Training Developer, IBM

Can topic-based DITA XML provide the basis for developing an
information architecture for single-sourced XML learning content?
This article offers some background on reusable learning objects
and e-learning, and then proposes a high-level design for a
unifying content model for learning based on the DITA XML content
standard. Topic-based DITA XML provides essential ingredients for
developing reusable learning content. The DITA specialization
architecture enables you to develop new DITA topic types
that support learning content. With DITA maps, you can define
a design pattern that ties these topics together into an
overall information architecture for learning content. Read Part 2
of this series to see how the IBM DB2 team applied this design
and the overall DITA process model for designing, developing,
and delivering content to an actual DB2 training course. Part 2
will also include a download with the DITA specialization schemas
and sample content files, for use with the DITA Open Toolkit.


- Robin Cover
- Other refs at: http://xml.coverpages.org/dita.html#articles

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