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Subject: RE: [dita] example of catalog of small topics

Eliot Kimber wrote in answer to Bruce's email:
If these are essentially summaries of more complete element descriptions
then I think what you have is a function of style (that goes beyond the
base DITA formatting reflected in the toolkit).

--> I agree, the toolkit is only one example of what the Darwin
Information Type Architecture can produce. It is important to
distinguish DITA (the Architecture and philosophy) from its toolkit (an
instance application that processes DITA content). In past projects, we
have created summary topics automatically and included them into the
final deliverables by follwing these simple steps:
	1- Analyse your structure to figure out what you need to extract
to create the summary topics.
	2- Create and save the summary topics from existing topic
	3- Create a new map that contains the topics from the manually
created map and the topics created in the previous steps.
	4- Process the new map to generate the deliverables.

There are very few limits to what you can get out of your topics.


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