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Subject: Navtitle and locktitle

It's a bit subtle, but I read the DITA spec as saying that the navtitle
attribute is totally meaningless (ignored) from a publishing point of
view unless the locktitle attribute is set. As a performance
enhancement, I would like XMetaL DITA Edition to "cache" the navtitle
from titles in documents similar to the way it caches the content of
conrefed content. This allows us to load a document without downloading
every referenced document from the CMS to look at its title. 

This means that if we load a document with "navtitle='foo'" and
"locktitle='no'" then we will feel free to overwrite the navtitle based
on the content of the referenced document. Alternately, if the locktitle
= 'yes' then we will presume that the navtitle is real and important and
therefore leave it alone. 

Does this seem correct to DITA's designers? The alternative is to cache
the title in a processing instruction which will just introduce extra
junk into the DITA document.

 Paul Prescod

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