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Subject: DITA-related proposals for Tekom

Below I have included brief summaries of my proposed presentation topics 
for OASIS Day at the German Tekom conference in November. I will submit 
these proposed topics by COB tomorrow, May 26, with the blessing of the TC.

I have decided to propose two sessions (instead of one) for the DITA 
track. I would prefer to deliver the "DITA map" session, but am also 
proposing a general DITA overview in case none is offered by another 


Alan Houser, President
Group Wellesley, Inc.


Proposal #1: Introduction to the DITA Architecture

This presentation provides an overview of the design and capabilities of 
DITA. The discussion will include:

-         Topic-oriented architecture and base topic types (task, 
concept, reference)

-         Reusing DITA content with the conref mechanism

-         Aggregating topics with DITA maps

-         Specifying related topics with DITA relation tables

-         Flagging and filtering DITA content with ditaval files

-         Customizing DITA through domain and structure specialization

-         Publishing DITA content with the DITA open toolkit

-         Benefits of DITA in modern publishing workflows


Proposal #2: Publishing DITA Topic Collections

DITA maps provide powerful capabilities for managing and reusing DITA 
content in multiple deliverables and multiple contexts. Capabilities to 
be discussed include:

-         Specifying topic collections with DITA map files

-         Specifying sequential and hierarchical topic relationships

-         Using DITA relation tables to specify related topics

-         Using ditaval files for flagging and filtering DITA content

-         Using the bookmap specialization for print-oriented deliverables

In each case, I will compare and contrast the capabilities of DITA with 
the capabilities of common legacy publishing tools.

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