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dita message

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Subject: xmlns="" in 1.0.1 DTDs

I just discovered that the 1.0.1 DTDs include

  xmlns    CDATA        #FIXED ""

in the definition of %global-atts; which causes
every element to have xmlns="" in the data model.

The 1.0.1 XSD has:

  <xs:attributeGroup name="global-atts">
      <xs:documentation>Debugging attributes, normally hidden from
authoring view.        
    <xs:attribute name="xtrc" type="xs:string"/>
    <xs:attribute name="xtrf" type="xs:string"/>

(which doesn't do the xmlns="").

I think the xmlns="" is a bug, and I'd like to see
it removed in our 1.1 DTDs.

Email between myself and several IBMers indicate no one is
really sure why this is in there or how it got there, so
we are inclined to remove it in the 1.1 DTDs.  This email
is to bring this suggested bug fix to the attention of
the entire TC.


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