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Subject: inline elements in dita maps

I just noticed something about the DITA 1.1 content models
for maps.

In general DITA maps contain very little inline text or 
inline elements since most of the information in the map 
comes from the topicref, topichead, topicgroup, and reltable 
elements and attributes.  But you can enter inline text and
elements in the topicmeta section.  

With DITA 1.0 the content model for this inline information 
was quite limited.  With DITA 1.1 the content model has been 
relaxed so that pretty much whatever would be legal as inline 
information in a DITA topic is now also legal in a DITA map.  

Some of the things that are now legal in DITA maps include 
<image>, <p>, <ol>, <ul>, <xref>, and simple tables. 

I can live with this, I just want to make sure this is a 
deliberate change and not an unintended consequence of 
some other decision.



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