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Subject: DITA Machine Industry Subcommittee

Dear TC Members

After the DITA TC has accepted the proposal for a machine industry
sub-committee, OASIS has formed this Subcommittee last week and prepared the
website and everything else for it.

No it is time start the activities. 
I would like to organize a SC meeting every second week and I am looking for
other TC members to participate on these activities.

First, as you now, we've done some initial work in this area listed in the
proposal #5 concerning a Domain for hazard statements. See the following

We clearly see a benefit of having some machine industry related domains
developed for the DITA 1.2 standard. But here is now the point where I need
your support and your inputs. 

I invite you to get back to me with your thoughts and ideas to fill that SC
with content and to initiate our work. Also if you know someone who would
fit into this SC who is not yet member of the DITA TC, please let me know.
If you're supportive, it would be great to get our first concall in the next
week or two.

Thanks and best regards


Christian Kravogel
SeicoDyne GmbH
Eichenstrasse 16
CH-6015 Reussbühl
Phone: +41 41 534 66 97

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