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Subject: Re: [dita] sort-as Q1 [was: review of index* elements]

Grosso, Paul wrote:
> Note that what this potential decision is really saying
> is that we are really sorting by appending the actual
> indexterm value to the sort-as value.  That is, you
> are really sorting the two indexterms above as
> "apple-$apple" and "apple-apple".

This is what you would normally do in an implementation of index 
sorting--concatenate the sort-as value to the base term to construct the 
effective string to sort on. This is certainly what all the index 
sorting code I've ever written does.

So I think this behavior is perfectly appropriate.

That is, if two terms have the same sort-as key but different spellings, 
as in this case, you still have to further collate the two terms in a 
consistent way, which doing the concatenation accomplishes (but it could 
also be expressed as a secondary sort on the base index values following 
the primary  sort on the sort-as key).



W. Eliot Kimber
Professional Services
Innodata Isogen
9390 Research Blvd, #410
Austin, TX 78759
(214) 954-5198


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