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dita message

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Subject: DITA 1.1 DTD error

We just noticed that the longdescref attribute on the 
object element in commonElements.mod is missing the 
trailing "f" in the version 1.1 dated 30 Nov 2006 available at

<!--                    LONG NAME: Object (Streaming/Executable 
                                   Data)                           -->
<!ELEMENT object        ((%desc;)?, (%param;)*, 
                         (%foreign.unknown.incl;)*)                  >
<!ATTLIST object
             declare    (declare)                        #IMPLIED
             classid    CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             codebase   CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             data       CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             type       CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             codetype   CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             archive    CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             standby    CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             height     NMTOKEN                          #IMPLIED
             width      NMTOKEN                          #IMPLIED
             usemap     CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             name       CDATA                            #IMPLIED
             tabindex   NMTOKEN                          #IMPLIED
             longdescre CDATA                            #IMPLIED
                        CDATA                            #IMPLIED    >

Is there a later version that I missed?

If not, then this looks like a bug in the DTDs.


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