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dita message

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Subject: Jeff's (Arbortext) DITA 1.1 Language Ref comments...

...form too big an attachment for the OASIS mailer, so I'm
sending them to Don separately.

Here is the cover message:

-----Original Message-----
From: Grosso, Paul 
Sent: Tuesday, 2007 January 23 08:54
To: dita@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Jeff's (Arbortext) DITA 1.1 Language Ref comments

This message has a large attachment (comment-laden PDF), so 
I'm not sure if it will get through to the list, but I'm 
giving it a try.

Lots of comments, but nothing too serious beyond our reservations 
on ditaval and chunk mentioned earlier.  ditaval doesn't appear 
anywhere in the Language Reference, although if it is going to 
be part of the standard, I think it should.

I've sent separate email about missing information related to 
the scale, height and width attributes on image and object.

The statement "Note: The actual contains or contained-by 
information displayed here may differ slightly, depending on 
whether the element is used in a map, bookmap, stand-alone 
topic, or composite file (ditabase)" appears on many more 
elements than I expected (I expected it on topic, task, concept, 
and reference). I haven't checked it against the DTD or schema, 
but Robert is pretty careful so I suspect it is right. But having 
it appear so often weakens the standard in my opinion.  Not sure 
what to do about it.  It might be possible to list the different 
information explicitly for the different contexts. The need for 
this statement in so many places may be an indication that we are 
making a mistake in the definition of the DITA content model.

paul (and Jeff)

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