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Subject: Late request for 1.2: Specification for DITA learning content specialization

Dear DITA Technical Committee members,

Apologies for the late notice on this.

If ready in an appropriate timeframe, I request that approval and incorporation of the "Specification for DITA learning and training content specialization" be considered by the DITA TC for inclusion in DITA 1.2.

For details and target timeframe, see the "Phased plan for a top-level DITA design for learning content" in the SC Documents here - http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/dita-learningspec/download.php/22593/dita_learning_design_plan_pdf.zip

The design plan calls for all work to be done by the sub-committee, following best practices for a standard DITA specialization.

The design plan anticipates no changes to core DITA. The major specific technical requirements will involve developing out specialized processing for targeted learning deliverables, most notably SCORM eLearning.

Thank you.

John Hunt
Chair, OASIS DITA learning and training content sub-committee
IBM Software Group/Lotus Software

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