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Subject: 12005 supports 12052--adding DITAArchVersion to the dita element

In our short list, I see:

12005 Recognizing DITA Documents 

I read the thread referenced there (it is broken into two parts
in the archive, so you need to look for two starts to the thread).

It sounds very much like Paul Prescod was trying to say the same
thing I was saying in my argument for adding DITAArchVersion to 
the dita element.  So two DITA editor vendors both seem to see
a similar need.

ErikH answers PaulP that the DITAArchVersion attribute should give
him what he wants.  Erik goes on to say (about DITA document elements
that have the DITAArchVersion attribute):

 The sole exception is the <dita> element, which has an odd role
 because it has no semantics and merely contains a list of topics.
 Because the <dita> element cannot be specialized, it's name cannot
 be changed. If someone wanted to make the case that, for convenience
 and consistency, the <dita> element should also take the
 attribute, I could buy that. 

I understand Eliot's points about the fact that you cannot infer a
document's doctype from its document element, but I don't think that
is the issue here.  Besides, Eliot has voted for 12052 (adding the
DITAArchVersion attribute to the dita element).

And reading the thread for 12005, it doesn't sound like PaulP changed
his desire for a DITAArchVersion attribute on the dita element.

So reading 12005, I see even more support for 12052.


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