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Subject: Re: [dita] Genericode Standard for Formally Defining Enumerated Values?

Hi, Eliot:

Thanks for mentioning this work. I'd seen the UBL code lists previously but wasn't aware that it had been spun off as the Genericode initiative. I can easily see taking advantage of Genericode if good infrastructure comes into being around it.

I wouldn't think, however, that we'd want to drop the controlled values proposal from DITA 1.2 for several reasons:

I don't think that's antagonistic to Genericode -- if we can validate an attribute enumeration by flattening a DITA scheme to a Genericode list and then using Genericode-aware Schema validators or a Genericode Schematron generator, we should leverage those tools for those environments -- but we have good reasons for having a DITA method for representing controlled values and vocabularies.

Erik Hennum

Eliot Kimber <ekimber@reallysi.com> wrote on 12/12/2007 01:59:32 PM:

> While I think the controlled values proposal will be very useful and may
> be appropriate for also defining the effective values for unconstrained
> enumerated attributes, I think we should also look at the OASIS
> Genericode standard as well, as it may be more appropriate for this
> particular use or may be something that can work with the controlled
> values proposal in a useful way. See http://www.genericode.org/
>  From what I've seen, it seems like it would be pretty straightforward
> for editing tools, for example, to integrate support for
> genericode-defined value sets into a DITA-specific authoring environment
> given a little bit of configuration (e.g., for this
> shell/specialization, use this code set definition for this
> type/attribute pair).

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