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Subject: Merge of acronym and glossary proposals

Hi, Terminology-Minded TC:

I've produced a new proposal that integrates the previous glossary proposal and the acronym proposal coming out of the translation subcommittee:

For convenience, here is the browser-ready version:

Ordinarily, I would provide this draft to the translation subcommittee first. Given the short timeline, I thought it would be best to give everyone an early look. The draft should be considered preliminary until the Gershon and JoAnn have had a chance to check to make sure that none of the key features of the acronym proposal were lost when the syntax was revised for integration.

As discussed at Tuesday's meeting, the principal revisions to the acronym proposal are to use the glossary topic to capture the variant terms and to use the new keyref feature instead of conref to refer to terms.

A detailed list of what's changed with respect to the prior glossary proposal:

While we have already approved the glossary proposal, I'd request an exception to reopen and vote on the integrated proposal. The addition of the acronym handling, surface forms, and term referencing in general make it, in my opinion, much more useful.

Many thanks to the translation subcommittee for defining this new capability,

Erik Hennum

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