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Subject: Minutes for 8th January 2008

Approval of minutes:
- correction from CK - not "native" stock number - "NATO" stock number
- moved to accept by Don Day, seconded Chris Kravogel, no objections

>1        ITEM: Proposals for Design Approval vote:
>#12040 - Machine Industry Task type

Don Day: motions to approve
Chris Kravogel: seconds
no objections, approved

>#12024 - Hazard Statement Domain

response to incorporating comments
 - from Robert Anderson:
ok to incorporate trademark and rename symbol to hazardsymbol
- from JoAnn Hackos:
change/expand design to no longer require sequence of consequence/how to avoid elements
issue: not in line with ANSI standard and others
Robin Sloan: would prefer to maintain prescriptive order - otherwise lose value of domain
JoAnn: removes suggestion, had different reading of standard

DD: move to approve with amendments
JH: seconds
no objections, approved

>2        ITEM: Review prepared proposals:
>Check status of ITEM: #12011 - Generic Task Type (Houser)
>http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200712/msg00063.html (previous Houser wrap-up)

DD: no updated proposal, Alan not on call, deferring to next week
CK: supports deferrment rather than dropping from 1.2 since machine industry proposals depend on this one

ACTION: Don Day to email Alan to write up new proposal
if Alan unavailable, backup is Amber Swope

>ITEM: #12038 - Acronym proposal
>Original acronym proposal:
>Merged Acronym/Glossary (Hennum)

JH: provide inline markup, plus allows translators to manage translation issues - new glossary is terminology mgt
KH: not terminology mgt- general enablement for purposes beyond simple glossary, but not actual mgt, nor just terminology
JO: new proposal covers both - which is making it complex - only objection?
JH: also missing required element - expanded form
JH: need to make changes in translation committee - EH doesn't have background
JH: would prefer to just approve current proposal
JO: current proposal doesn't address his earlier questions - would need work anyway
JH: will meet in two weeks - Jan 21st
MP: add JO and MP to next mtg - and we will add ourselves to xlat SC temporarily
ACTION: DD to send out email asking translation SC to cc Don or Robert for sharing with wider list

>3        NEW ITEM: SIDSC request for specialization review (note from Bob Beims):
>The Semiconductor Information Design Subcommittee has produced our first attempt at a specialization, and in the >process I think we’ve realized the challenge of matching data-centric patterns (as captured in a schema such as >IP-XACT from the SPIRIT Consortium) to a publication-centric schema such as DITA. As relative XML novices, we’d >like some guidance from the gurus of the DITA TC.
>Would someone from the TC have a chance to look at our work later today and then join our call tomorrow morning?

Bob Beims: developed list of common patterns and elements, influenced by IP-XACT
initial specialization created by Seth Park
encountered some issues, need guidance
Eliot Kimber: will review design and attend call tomorrow

>4        Ongoing: Review of "Items for discussion" list in the Frontpage
>How much flexibility for specializers?
>http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200801/msg00009.html (see full thread)

JO: limited involvement in discussion - EK, MP, JO, PG
to what degree is DITA standard required? where is there flexibility?
tradeoffs: flexibility for user vs. promise of interchange -
MP: agree there is a continuum, need to work out where line is
JO: but does anyone care? if no one does, stay with status quo, which is extremely flexible by default
EK: currently no conformance clause, which means not really a standard - so is vital, especially for tool vendors

DD: at end of hour, JO to send out another writeup

>5        Discuss the 2-implementations rule for specializations under revised Spec organization

Deferred discussion to next week.

Michael Priestley
Lead IBM DITA Architect

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