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Subject: RE: [dita] How much flexibility do specializers have to make exceptions tobehaviors that are outlined in the DITA standard?

"Ogden, Jeff" <jogden@ptc.com> wrote on 10/01/2008 10:18:01 AM:

> This is a note that Don Day asked me to send out during yesterday's DITA
> TC call.
> About a week ago I restarted the discussion about what the DITA Standard
> REQUIRES, strongly RECOMMENDS, and what is OPTIONAL.  So far the
> restarted discussion has been between just me, Michael, and Eliot.  What
> I'd like to find out from others on the TC is if these issues are
> important enough to continue to spend time on them or not?
> So please let me know by sending a short reply either to me or to the
> DITA TC list.  I'll summarize the responses before next Tuesday's DITA
> TC call.

I care enough that implementations that want to add extended functionality are not actively prevented from doing so.  Hence my remarks about un-enumerating @collection-type.

I don't mind if such implementations are labelled with a lesser conformance status.  I don't mind if the DITA standard insists that such implementations use prefixes like "x-" a la other standards.

Deborah Pickett
Information Architect, Moldflow Pty Ltd, Melbourne

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