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Subject: Re: [dita] graphical hotspots in DITA documents

Hi Jeff,

The DITA Learning Specialization includes a learning interactions domain specialization, and one of the interactions is lcHotspot. This is intended for use in a learning assessment, where the lcHotspot interactions presents a question, and the learner clicks on defined areas in the hotspot graphic to indicate a response.

lcHotspot is very similar to imagemap, but adds an lcQuestion, and a specialized lcArea, which includes lcCorrectResponse and lcFeedback to support an assessment interaction.

Have a look at the doc in the most recent learning plugin - http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/27471/mar08_learningsc_plugin.zip.

John Hunt
DITA Architect / Lotus Information Development Center
Chair, OASIS DITA learning and training content sub-committee
IBM Software Group/Lotus Software

From: "Ogden, Jeff" <jogden@ptc.com>
To: <dita@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date: 03/03/2008 04:27 PM
Subject: [dita] graphical hotspots  in DITA documents

Is anyone on the DITA TC aware of any discussion about how to use existing DTIA markup or how to create a domain specialization to handle graphical hotspots?
Graphical hotspots come up most often in relationship to CGM graphics where there are named graphics objects and you want to be able to link “from a hotspot” (graphic to text) or link “to a hotspot” (text to graphic). The linking should be done in the context of the document that includes the graphic rather than from or to the graphic itself.
In some ways “from hotspotting” is similar to an imagemap where the coordinates in the imagemap are replaced by the hotspot name. I am wondering about using a <shape> of “name” and placing the name itself as content of the coords element.
I can’t think of any existing DITA markup that is similar to the “to hotspotting” where you want to link to a document to activate a named hotspot in the graphic, but I could imagine adapting a element structure similar to imagemap to do this even if the image map would be being used in the opposite direction from its traditional use.
You don’t need to dig into this any further unless you want to since all I am after is a pointer to any documents, a person, or a group that might have ideas about  this in the context of DITA, but there is a  discussion of Hotspots in the context of XML, but not in the context of DITA, in the S1000D document Chapter  http://www.s1000d.org/reader.cfm?sector=issues&page=reader&issue=3.0&default=DMC-AE-A-03-09-0000-00A-001A-A_005-00

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