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Subject: Issue With Requirement for Trailing Space in class= Values

In the process of implementing DITA support in our RSuite product, we 
discovered that the current version of the MarkLogic XML repository 
strips trailing spaces from attribute values. This of course breaks all 
hope of generic DITA processing unless we implement a workaround in 
advance of MarkLogic fixing their bug (which they might refuse to fix).

One obvious solution would be to allow or require a trailing non-blank 
character, e.g. "+" or "^" or something equally non-name-characterish 
that prevents the problem.

So several questions:

- Does anyone know of any processors that would break if class= had a 
trailing non-blank character. Certainly no processor matching on " 
module/type " would. The only case I can think of would be one that 
blindly concatenated class= values for some reason but I can't think of 
why anyone would do that.

- Would it be possible to make this spec change for 1.2 if there was 
consensus that is was a good idea? I think it would be of value because 
it would remove a serious source of both surprise and user error and 
generally avoid the possibility of this sort of "who would ever make 
processing depend on trailing white space?" processing result.

Of course the character's use would have to be option for backward 
compatibility but that should be no problem--just have to make it clear 
that there should be no Simon Says behavior if the character is or is 
not there.

For our product we have no short-term choice but to add the trailing 
blank on import of known DITA content but our question will be whether 
we have a hard requirement to strip it back out on export.



Eliot Kimber
Senior Solutions Architect
"Bringing Strategy, Content, and Technology Together"
Main: 610.631.6770

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