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Subject: Re: [dita] Issue With Requirement for Trailing Space in class= Values

Eliot Kimber <ekimber@reallysi.com> wrote on 08/03/2008 04:42:27 AM:
> In the process of implementing DITA support in our RSuite product, we
> discovered that the current version of the MarkLogic XML repository
> strips trailing spaces from attribute values. This of course breaks all
> hope of generic DITA processing unless we implement a workaround in
> advance of MarkLogic fixing their bug (which they might refuse to fix).

This might not be much comfort, but that behaviour is absolutely in contravention to the XML spec:
(Interpreting the spec: leading and trailing whitespace must be left as-is if the attribute is declared as CDATA, which DITA @class is.)

> - Does anyone know of any processors that would break if class= had a
> trailing non-blank character.

DITA-OT's generalization code (generalize-on-conref, as well as the standalone generalize and respecialize transforms) would probably break.  It breaks the class string into whitespace-separated bits and assumes that each of them is a doctype/element pair.

Deborah Pickett
Information Architect, Moldflow Pty Ltd, Melbourne

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