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Subject: DITA 1.2 implementation: bodydiv

Hi again,

Once again, the disclaimer:

That out of the way -- there was one question about the sectiondiv and
bodydiv item which got lost among another questions. Item 12021 approved
the use of <bodydiv> within the <body> element. It did not address the use
of <bodydiv> within conbody or refbody. I'd like to address that question
specifically (ignoring anything else in the proposal for now).

The advantage of adding to conbody is that conbody remains much like body,
with section and example still limited to the end. The disadvantage of this
is that you may include sections inside bodydiv, followed by other content,
which essentially breaks the concept model.  Similarly, adding to refbody
would allow grouping of sections for conref and filtering, but it would
also allow text and other blocks outside of existing limits.

Given that the proposal did not address concept or reference, the default
action here is to leave it out. Eliot suggested a specialized <conbodydiv>
element which does to bodydiv exactly what conbody already does to body. I
like this idea, but the TC must agree that this is essentially a missed
item that should be part of the proposal. I'd also support refbodydiv which
contains nothing but the existing refbody elements.

So, this is advance warning that the question should be added to the TC
agenda. I'd like to create conbodydiv and refbodydiv, but if there are any
objections, I'll suggest that bodydiv should simply be left out of these
specializations for DITA 1.2.

Thanks -

Robert D Anderson
IBM Authoring Tools Development
Chief Architect, DITA Open Toolkit
(507) 253-8787, T/L 553-8787 (Good Monday & Thursday)

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