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Subject: Minutes 2008/10/28

1) Roll call
We have a quorum.

2) Approve minutes of last business meeting:
September 30th meeting minutes:

The meeting minutes were approved. 
Motion to accept made by Chris Kravogel; seconded by Sissi Closs.

3) Business

- DITA 1.2, machineIndustry dtd:

supplies.content (line 293) (nosupply)
spares.content (line 356) (nospares)

optional (?) should be removed.

Motion to remove ? made by Robin; seconded by Sissi Closs.

safecond should be inline with S1000D
Motion to accept made by Robin; seconded by Sissi Closs.

-> Link to the list of reviewer:
The TC is looking for reviewer for the langref and architecture specs

Reviews should be made by end of this months.

-- MI16: Type Attribute proposal

we started to discuss issue sub typing.

4) Announcements/Opens 

October 28; official list for DITA 1.3

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