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dita message

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Subject: Minutes 2008/10/28

1) Roll call
We have a quorum.

2) Approve minutes of last business meeting:
October 14th meeting minutes:
minutes will follow

3) Business

- DITA 1.2, status of proposals
waiting for updated DTDs

--> No architectural specs available at the moment

-> Link to the list of reviewer:
The TC is looking for reviewer for the langref and architecture specs

Robin added examples

S1000D and Docbook updates
no new information

-- MI10 / 11: Maintenance plan

missing input from Ziegler

-- MI14: Module size definition
-- MI15: Classification & Filtering
-- MI16: Type Attribute proposal

topic-category: new attribute for root element (topic, task, ...)

-- MI17: ditatoctemp proposal

should be passed on to TC 

4) Announcements/Opens 

face-to-face meeting during DITA Europe conference:
Proposal: Tuesday, November 18, 8:00 - 9:00
Location: Comet Communication, Goethestrae 17 Munich, next main station

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