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Subject: my work on the DITA 1.2 Archiceture Spec.

Last Wednesday decisions were made to push back the development complete deadline for the project I am working on by several weeks.  During the rest of Wednesday and on Thursday we talked about the implications of this change for me. One of the things that became clear is that I am not going to be able to put in the time that is needed to finish the work on the DITA 1.2 Architecture Specifications. I will put in some work to try and put I have together into better shape so I can give it to someone. There will be less there than I would have liked.


My apologies to Michael, Robert, Don, and the entire TC.  I am sorry that I didn’t realize or admit that this was the situation several months ago.


I don’t expect to be on Tuesday’s DITA TC call, but that has more to do with Inauguration Day than it does with the rest of this message.



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