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Subject: Arch spec uploaded to SVN

Hi all,
I have completed reworking the arch spec map and uploaded it (and all new empty topics) to Subversion.
At last week's TC meeting I had an action item to write a Wiki page that describes how to use Subversion. However, since there are various clients available, and I use only one of them, I'm not sure how much that would benefit the TC members. It may make more sense if folks use their favorite SVN client. FWIW I use TortoiseSVN, which sits on top of Windows Explorer as I showed at the meeting -- all SVN features are on the context (right-click) menu. Oxygen XML Editor also has an SVN client built-in, but I have not used it.
I will try to get some basic info up on a Wiki, but in case I don't, the most important thing you need to work is to set the URL to the repository in your SVN client:
The following commands apply to TortoiseSVN, though I imagine the technique for other SVN clients is similar:
To get a copy of the latest and greatest for the first time, create a folder on your local system and then use the Update option on the root dita folder.
To update your local copy, select the files you want to update and then right-click and choose SVN Update.
To add new folders and/or files to the repository, first do TortoiseSVN > Add and then do SVN Commit.
To check in updated files, choose SVN Commit.
I will try to get this onto a Wiki as promised, with a bit more info, if I can find the time...
I have uploaded an update of the Excel file. I noticed one of the topic filenames was missing, and I fixed that omission.
Please note too that I've moved the old, now unused topics to a folder named "unused". This is reflected in the repository.

Gershon Joseph
Technical Leader
PDI DocTools

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Mobile: +972 57 314-1170

Cisco Systems, Inc.

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