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Subject: Proposal to initiate the formation of an OASIS DITA PharmaceuticalContent Subcommittee (DITA-PC-SC)


As mentioned in our last DITA TC meeting, I hope to be able to put forward a motion to initiate the creation of an OASIS DITA Pharmaceutical Content Subcommittee in the meeting on May 26th. 

To support the discussion of this motion - and following the advice of Don, I have included the preliminary statement of purpose as well as ATTACHED a DRAFT (obviously for your information only) version of a charter for the potential SC.


The OASIS DITA Pharmaceutical Content Subcommittee (DITA-PC-SC) will define DITA topics, maps, associated metadata properties and terminology to streamline design and creation of the complete body of pharmaceutical documentation required to present a product for scientific and regulatory purposes throughout its lifecycle.
These constructs will include a pharmaceutical content taxonomy of DITA topics, the metadata and terminology to be associated with each topic instance and a taxonomy of DITA maps all of which are defined to optimize reuse and re-purposed content. Initial objectives are to define topics and maps as required to implement: 
a)    the ICH Common Technical Document content specification; and, 
b)    the FDA Structured Product Labeling and 
c)    EU Product Information Management content specifications.  

Deliverables from this SC will include:
1.	A set of best-practice recommendations on how to implement the DITA standard content architecture in the pharmaceutical industry
2.	A series of map, topic, and metadata templates along with a systematic taxonomy of pharmaceutical content
3.	A submission of draft specifications of required pharmaceutical DITA specializations to the main DITA TC 


At this moment, we have tentative participants from these companies: Pfizer, J&J, Merck, Wyeth, Amgen, Novartis, ISI, Paragon, Sapient, SeicoDyne, speakTECH, LSCP, Glemser, MedImmune, Sanofi Aventis, Lorenz, Elan, Microsoft, LSIP, and Content Technologies.

I hope to be able to provide more information in the meeting.


Two voting members of the main DITA TC have indicated that they will participate in the new SC:
1.    Chris Kravogel, SeicoDyne, and
2.    Steffen Frederiksen, Content Technologies


We will be working toward an initial meeting of the potential SC in June, before the holiday season starts.
LSIP/James Averback (who has contributed very significantly to this process) has offered to provide teleconferencing facilities for the SC
Steffen Frederiksen can be the meeting convener.

Best Regards
>< Content Technologies ApS
Steffen Frederiksen
Director, Co-founder
Katrinebjerg Science Park | Aabogade 15 | DK-8200 Aarhus N | DENMARK | Cell: +45.4044.0553 | Fax: +45.6980.3578 | srf@dita-exchange.com


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