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Subject: Re: [dita] referencing a bookmap from a map

On 6/9/09 4:07 PM, "Bruce Nevin (bnevin)" <bnevin@cisco.com> wrote:

> If we leave it this way, it would be kind of us to identify combinations
> of topicref targets that should be avoided, such as those that have the
> effect of allowing chapters to nest, and point them out in the spec.

I don't think I can agree: any particular combination of topic types should
be avoided if it isn't sensible for *all possible processors*. Even in the
case of nested chapters, I can think of cases where it might be sensible,
and we certainly can't presume to say it isn't sensible.

Of course, specific processors will find certain combinations nonsensical
(e.g., a paginated output processor that gets nested chapters). And they are
(and should be) free to reject such input.

But that's different from saying it should be avoided as blanked statement.

I think it would be sufficient to point out in a note that the map mechanism
inherently allows potentially non-sensical combinations of topic reference
types when specialized and unspecialized maps are combined.



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