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Subject: AW: [dita] ArchSpec - MachineryTaskbody Constraint

How about adding the machinerytaskbody to
Machinery Tasks
Bookmap structure
The xNAL domain
The Machinery Task will contain the description and the reference to the langref of the taskreqDomain.
The HazardStatementDomain (also output of the Machinery Industry SC) is part of the base element set and does not have to be deeply introduced here.
Best regards

Von: Christian Kravogel [mailto:christian.kravogel@seicodyne.ch]
Gesendet: Dienstag, 14. Juli 2009 17:50
Betreff: [dita] ArchSpec - MachineryTaskbody Constraint

From previous discussions I learned that we do not document certain elements or specializations in the ArchSpec but in the LangRef documentation.
All elements developed by the machine industry SC are documented in the LangRef but something we are missing.
We have developed a MachineryTaskbodyConstraint which is a constraint task topic type, starting with <task><taskbody>
Where is the right place to have this MachineryTaskbodyConstraint documented?
Best regards

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