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Subject: Tentative revised schedule for DITA 1.2 specification documents

Here is a revised schedule for us to consider. It takes into account assessments from John Hunt, Elliot Kimber, and JoAnn Hackos about when they think they can have material complete.

The following schedule makes the following assumptions:

1) There will be four versions of the documentation: one for each of the three packages and a complete version:
  • Base (Base only)
  • Technical Content (Base + Technical Content)
  • Learning & Training (Base + Learning & Training)
  • Complete (Base, Technical Content, and Learning & Training
2) The four versions of documentation will each include conformance statement, architectural spec, and language reference.

It departs from the original schedule in the following ways

1) Adds an additional review by DITA TC members. My thought behind the additional review was to iron out the following problems before the documentation is reviewed by the Adoption TC and the TAB:
  • Any problems caused by combining arch spec and lang ref in the various documents (base, technical content, learning & training, complete)
  • A need to review the architectural material for the Technical Content and Learning & Training material more that once
  • The fact that the specialization and "Introduction to DITA" material was not completely drafted before the first review
2) Gives the review by the DITA Adoption Committee and TAB a three-week duration


August 10-21
Second review by DITA TC. Will include:
  • Architectural spec:
    • Complete material for "Introduction to DITA" section
    • Complete material for base specialization section
    • Architectural material for the Technical Content, Learning and Training, and Machine Industry specializations
  • Language reference
This review will be of versions of the DITA 1.2 documentation that combines the arch spec and lang ref.

There will be one version of the documentation for each of the three packages, plus a version that includes everything
September 14-October 2
Third review. Will include the members of the DITA Adoption TC and the OASIS Technical Advisory Board
October 26
Public review begins

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