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Subject: RE: [dita] FW: [members] Changes to OASIS TC Process Policy

Hello Dick,

In the previous releases of DITA if there was a discrepancy between the DTDs and the XSDs, the DTD was normative.   I think it's stated somewhere in the 1.0 and 1.1 specs.  I don't believe that there are any plans to change that statement for DITA 1.2.


Eric A. Sirois
Staff Software Developer
DB2 Universal Database - Information Development
DITA XML Schema Architect and DITA Open Toolkit Developer
IBM Canada Ltd. - Toronto Software Lab
Phone:(905) 413-2841

Blue Pages (Internal)

"Transparency and accessibility requirements dictate that public information and government
transactions avoid depending on technologies that imply or impose a specific product or
platform on businesses or citizens" - EU on XML-based office document formats.

From: "Dick Hamilton" <rlhamilton@frii.com>
To: "'Dana Spradley'" <dana.spradley@oracle.com>, <dita@lists.oasis-open.org>
Date: 08/05/2009 04:10 PM
Subject: RE: [dita] FW: [members] Changes to OASIS TC Process Policy


Regarding your message:
> Also it appears that we can now consider the DTD we supply
> in separate plain-text files to be normative, and to override
> whatever we actually say in the specification itself.
> OTOH, it seems the same can be said about the schema files -
> and it's unclear how discrepancies between the two could be
> handled.
Regarding the question of discrepancies between schema and
DTD, I think the right thing to do is to select one to be
normative, and state that other forms are non-normative.

That's what the DocBook committee did. RelaxNG defines the
normative standard, and other representations (W3C Schema,
and DTD) are provided for convenience, but are non-normative.

Dick Hamilton
XML Press
XML for Technical Communicators
(970) 231-3624

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