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Subject: RE: [dita] problem with packaging of glossaries

I haven't actually used it for a submission and the regulatory requirements
may preclude it anyway with the eCTD, but it is an example of a large
document that is very book like.

Bookmap definitely has its problems but it does make sense in some cases.
Just because it is broken doesn't mean we shouldn't use it, rather we should
fix it. We are constantly creating workarounds (not from an architectural
perspective if we can help it, but from a content mapping perspective) as we
try to map the current structure into a logical structure for BusDocs. DITA
maps really don't work well in the book paradigm. 

I still think bookmap should stay part of the standard spec, there are too
many potential uses of it outside of Tech Docs.

-----Original Message-----
From: Eliot Kimber [mailto:ekimber@reallysi.com] 
Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 7:21 PM
To: rockley@rockley.com; Kristen James Eberlein; 'JoAnn Hackos'
Cc: 'Bruce Nevin (bnevin)'; dita
Subject: Re: [dita] problem with packaging of glossaries

On 8/20/09 6:05 PM, "Ann Rockley" <rockley@rockley.com> wrote:

> I also agree with Bruce that they should remain as part of the base
> architectural specification. And I agree with JoAnn that bookmap is
> to multiple industries, eg pharma could use it for submissions, we just
> finished working with a book publisher and we used it there, it would make
> sense for medical devices etc.

I would caution anyone on the use of bookmap. It's design is severely broken
in a number of ways that preclude it's use for many important use cases.

I would advise very strongly against considering it for anything as generic
as phrama submissions.



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