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Subject: Re: [dita] Groups - DITATCMeeting_10062009.txt uploaded

On 10/9/09 11:59 PM, "Ogden, Jeff" <jogden@ptc.com> wrote:

Sorry I wasn't on the call--it was our yearly RSuite User Conference (at
which DITA was mentioned quite a lot, by the way).
> Glossary Group (glossgroup) wasnąt part of DITA 1.1. It is currently described
> in the łGlossary related elements˛ section within the łGlossary elements˛
> section within the łTechnical Contents˛ section of the draft DITA 1.2 Language
> Reference. I donąt see any mention of Glossary Group in the Architecture
> portions of the spec. although it is always possible that I missed it.  I
> donąt see any harm in adding Glossary Group to the Technical Content ditabase
> and so think we should add it.

I can think of no reason not to include glossary group in ditabase. Of
course, if one of your use cases for ditabase was organizing sets of
reusable glossary entries, glossary group now meets that requirement. On the
other hand, it could be useful to have peer glossary groups within a single
ditabase for purely organizational purposes.



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