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Subject: OxygenXML V11 Released: First Commercial Support for Keyref

SynchoSoft on Friday released OxygenXML V11, which is significant in that it
provides support for many DITA 1.2 features, including support for keyref,
as well as shipping out of the box with the 1.5 Open Toolkit. Through the
editor, you can select a map to establish a key definition context and then
author and resolve key references in terms of that map.

This is, as far as I know, the first commercial support for the 1.2 keyref

I mention it here because keyref is such an important aspect of DITA 1.2 and
its attendant complexity poses some daunting implementation challenges. The
fact that there is at least one commercial implementation goes a long way to
endorsing the DITA 1.2 design and feature set, which is very important to
community acceptance and use.


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