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Subject: "Interchange standard domain configuration"

The discussion about constraints has made the challenge of interchanging content created with domain usage very real for many of us. 
In SIDSC, we are trying to ensure that our members can interchange content reliably, where there is a known path amongst the different SIDSC-provided constrained types and a reliable mechanism to get any local constrained types back to one of the SIDSC-provided types.
As I understand it, we can always use generalization/re-specialization from a common ancestor, but that common ancestor must not only be the same document type; it must also have identical domain usage. Which means, unless we want to generalize all the way back to the DITA base type, the only way to ensure we have a common SIDSC ancestor is to declare an "interchange standard", which is a certain configuration of domains.
Am I understanding this correctly? If so, it it fair play to define an "interchange standard domain configuration" within SCs? Are there other applications of this concept that might simplify some of the issues we're dealing with?
seth park
information architect
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.

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