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Subject: Re: [dita] "Interchange standard domain configuration"

Specialized topic types can statically declare dependencies on specific
domains. As long as the SIDSC specializations do that, then I think it all



On 10/15/09 11:50 AM, "Park Seth-R01164" <seth.park@freescale.com> wrote:

> The discussion about constraints has made the challenge of interchanging
> content created with domain usage very real for many of us.
> In SIDSC, we are trying to ensure that our members can interchange
> content reliably, where there is a known path amongst the different
> SIDSC-provided constrained types and a reliable mechanism to get any
> local constrained types back to one of the SIDSC-provided types.
> As I understand it, we can always use generalization/re-specialization
> from a common ancestor, but that common ancestor must not only be the
> same document type; it must also have identical domain usage. Which
> means, unless we want to generalize all the way back to the DITA base
> type, the only way to ensure we have a common SIDSC ancestor is to
> declare an "interchange standard", which is a certain configuration of
> domains.
> Am I understanding this correctly? If so, it it fair play to define an
> "interchange standard domain configuration" within SCs? Are there other
> applications of this concept that might simplify some of the issues
> we're dealing with?
> -seth
> --------------------------------------------
> seth park
> information architect
> Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
> seth.park@freescale.com
> 512.895.2463

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