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Subject: DITA Technical Committee Meeting Minutes - 1 December 2009

Apologies I didn't get this out last week. I was working on the 1.2 spec and needed to complete that before I could devote cycles to the minutes.

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DITA Technical Committee Meeting Minutes

The DITA Technical Committee met on 1 December 2009 at 08:00am PT for 60 

Chaired by Don Day <dond@us.ibm.com>
Minutes recorded by Gershon Joseph <gerjosep@cisco.com>

Roll call

> Quorum was achieved.

Approve minutes from previous business meetings: 
* http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200911/msg00170.html (24 November 2009, Joseph) 

> Minutes approved by acclamation. 

Subcommittee/liaison reports (as needed)

* OASIS DITA in Composite Environments Subcommittee (Seth Park)
> Seth: DiCe is on ice. Limited activity towards the end of the year. Will 
> reconvene early next year in an attempt to kick this off again.

* OASIS DITA for the Web 2.0 Subcommittee 
> John to update the TC next week.


ITEM: DITA 1.2 specification (slightly revised by Don Day, 1 December 2009)

* DITA 1.2 spec work 
  * http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200912/msg00006.html (Eberlein)

> Kris went through the items she listed in the above email:

> Processing topics: Seth has taken over the processing topics.

> Keys, linking and addressing topics: Eliot is actively working on the keys, 
> linking and addressing topics.

> Subject scheme maps: Refer to implementation status 1.2 wiki page that links 
> to this proposal plus the additional comments that came from Erik. Need to 
> be sure the additional comments are also incorporated. This is proposal 12031.
> JoAnn volunteered to write this arch spec topic.

> @collection-type attribute was set to "sequence": Eliot responded on the list
> to keep it. The TC discussed and agreed that the spec is intended to be read 
> from front to back as one large HTML file, so this is indeed the way to go.

> Section on naming conventions and file extensions: Proposal to add something 
> about construction of the public IDs and URIs. Convention used by the TC  
> maybe put in non-normative appendix?

> ACTION: Eric to add info about the naming convention to the topic where we 
> describe what all the URIs are. The topic is currently in the intro to DITA 
> section.

> ACTION: Kris to change the map to move the DTD and XSD topics that list the 
> files and new naming conventions to the appendix.

> Jeff asked about the DITA MIME-type registration effort.
> ACTION: Don to check with OASIS on status. If it's been registered, we should
> say something about it in the spec.

* Spreadsheet and DITA topics located in the Subversion repository 

* Information about contributors, deadlines, editorial guidelines, Subversion 
  clients, and more 

* Business: 

  a Progress report on spec review #2: All reviews completed!

  b Need to revise spec author/review schedule due to the following issues: 
    * Constraints proposals and issues 
    * Discussion around terminology 
    * Work being done to restructure conref/keyref/href material 
    * The following schedule was agreed upon last meeting. Presupposes that the
      DITA TC resolve all remaining open issues during the November 24 meeting.
      If that does not happen, the dates need to shift according to the delay. 
      Is this schedule still realistic at this time?

  c Need for authors to handle the following points (we might need to schedule 
    an authors meeting) 
    * Implementing "referencing element" and "referenced element" terminology 
    * Implementing cascade vs. inherit terminology 
    * Moving content of some <draft-comment> elements -> XML comments; for the 
      next review, we should be using <draft-comment> elements only for 
      comments to reviewers. 
    * Ensuring conformance statements are valid, correct and correctly marked 
      up ("must", "should" etc. correctly used and tagged) 
    * Implementing changes needed to ensure prose complies with the new 
      terminology (DITA Document Type, etc.) 

  d Are all authors able to commit to the revised deadline?

New ITEM: conref.dita editorial review 
* Check actions (Eliot, Kristen, Paul) 

> Bruce will update the topic based on feedback to-date.

New ITEM: Foreign Generalization: Should be moved to a non-normative appendix 
* http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/dita/200911/msg00186.html (Kimber) 

> Michael: One of the main functions of generalization is to allow a team who 
> specialized share content with a preexisting content set. So one can 
> generalize to a content set that uses a preexisting doc type. Foreign content
> will break generalized content any time it's in the same file, unless that 
> doctype includes the markup used by the foreign content. We can either say 
> that any generalization of foreign generalization will break, or support it 
> per the existing spec topic. I agree we need to change the wording to make it
> not file-specific. 

> Out of time -- Continue discussion on list.

*** Meeting Adjourned ***

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