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Subject: Re: [dita] who complains about complexity of DITA?

The "DocBook is dead" undercurrent in this thread surprises me. DocBook is still alive and well in many applications, esp., open source.

Even with more elements (though if you include L&T, DITA 1.2 is bigger than DocBook 5.0:-), I'd argue that DocBook is much simpler for writers and will be until practitioners learn how to use the complex features of DITA to create simple applications that support the work that writers need to do.

(By "application" I mean a combination of specialization, features like keyref, content strategy, and writer training to create a custom solution that addresses a particular business need.)

I wonder if the correct "marketing" approach is to acknowledge that DITA is complex, but emphasize that when properly used, that complexity makes it possible for tools developers to create applications that are simpler and more capable for their target audience.

Dick Hamilton
XML Press

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